Behind the Glue

Behind the Glue

GluHU is a silicon based, lace adhesive system specially made for lace front wigs, facial hair, and hand-laid beards. It is made as a Kit-To-Go based on 3 products. The Adhesive, the Corrector, and the Remover. 

With more than 30 years of experience in the wig and entertainment industry as a make-up artist and entrepreneur, Orlando Bassi has seen over and over that it’s a challenge to glue a lace wig on an actor, making the lace invisible for the camera.  This is especially true for close-ups.

Early adhesives on the market, such as Spirit Gum, were based on a natural mastics resin. Today, they are mostly created from a synthetic resin. The challenge is, often these glues leave behind a white residue. They’re not very flexible and can break. Most of them are not  sweat or water resistant.

Years ago, when the medical silicon adhesive 355 from Dow Corning came on the market, Orlando immediately tried to use it on lace. It worked very well. But the consistency was not quite correct for use on lace, and it remained shiny.

Over the years, different adhesives have made various improvements and new silicon adhesives have been developed. Orlando tried all of them. But none of them made him happy. It was then he had the idea to develop the GluHU lace adhesive system that is silicon based and includes a matting agent, which prevents a shiny appearance.

The result achieved can be easily used and applied directly from the bottle, without having to add anything to it. The easy-to-use remover saves a lot of time because during the removal process it also gently cleans the wig lace.

Orlando Bassi founder of GluHU Silicon Based Lace Adhesive System applicating the gluhu adhesive on actor