Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Charges

Shipping Charges for domestic shipments with Swiss Postal Service: Flat Rate CHF 15.00 per box for A-Post and Flat Rate CHF 25.00 per box for Express Delivery.

Shipping to foreign countries will be carried out by FedEx delivery service; shipping costs may vary depending on number and weight of items ordered. Extra shipping costs will be charged for certain oversized or heavy goods. Please refer to the shipping costs stated at check-out. Additional costs may occur, such as customs and/or import taxes and fees, which are levied by the authorities of the recipient country

If you already have a FedEx, TNT or DHL account, please provide your customer number under “Comment”. In this case shipping charges will be billed directly by the courier service to you. If you leave „Comment“ empty, the above mentioned rate will be charged.

Partial delivery

If items are currently not available in the ordered quantity, you will receive a partial shipment according to the quantity available at the moment. You will be charged only for items shipped. Therefore, the amount shown in your order confirmation can vary from the effective amount charged to your credit card. Items on backorder will be delivered automatically after restocking. At this time, these items will be charged to your credit card along with the relevant shipping charges. If you don’t want to have any item on backorder, please do mention “no backorders” on the field „Notes“ underneath.

In addition, our General Terms and Conditions of Business apply:

Delivery, shipping costs

1. Atelier Bassi will ship the goods to the customers address (as indicated in the order). Atelier Bassi AG is entitled to partial deliveries, should the total quantity of the requested goods not be in stock. The customer will be informed should a partial delivery occur. The missing goods will be delivered in addition as soon as the goods are available. In case the customer does not wish partial delivery, he has to indicate this when placing his order.

2. Delivery time is 2 to 4 days. In case a product is missing on stock, it will be ordered from our supplier. In this case the shipment will be delayed. For products being ordered abroad, delivery time may take from 4 to 6 weeks. Indications of possible delivery time are not binding.

3. The outstanding goods will be delivered immediately to the customer when Atelier Bassi AG has received them. Atelier Bassi AG reserves the right to bill the delivered goods by charging the credit card number indicated at the time of the order, without prior notice.

4. The customer chooses the type of shipment. The shipping amount, as indicated when placing the order, will be charged to the customer.

5. In case the customer wishes to have his goods shipped by FedEx on his own account, he has to indicate his respective FedEx account number at the date of his order. Should this not be the case, we will charge the respective shipment amount placement. The customer agrees that we will use the credit card number given at the time of the order, to bill the shipment fees. The customer acknowledges that FedEx charge shipment according to volume and not to the effective weight. The customer consents to this procedure at the time of the order placement.